Premier Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Sable and Plains Game  hunting on the Bubye Valley Conservancy, Zimbabwe.
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Why Bubye Valley?
Apart from the outstanding trophy quality… 25 buffalo taken in 2012 were 40” plus; all five lions taken were over 25”, 2 over 26”; fifteen of the nineteen leopards taken were over 16”, four over 17”. And the stats for plains game are equally as impressive…. the prospective hunter should also consider:

Privately owned - by local and foreign investors’ means objective and proactive management with continual growth and improvement ..…
Far sighted management policies based on sustainable utilization supported by on-going post-graduate research projects on ecological, botanical and zoological diversity within the Conservancy….
Huge area - nearly a million acres….
Peace of mind - safe, secure and accessible….
Six Professional Hunters who operate full time on the Conservancy, all with their own allocated bag, ensuring they have a direct interest in maintaining the integrity of the Conservancy and client satisfaction….

These factors lead to as good an assurance as possible that the safari experience will be a truly memorable event, from all aspects. Hunters peace of mind, including their families back home, is an increasingly important consideration of modern day safari: getting to the Conservancy is un-complicated with several transport options; 3 hours from nearest international airport on good paved roads, as well as 2 registered airfields on the Conservancy. An excellent communication network between vehicles, camps and head quarters means all situations are attended to fast and efficiently, including camp re-supply, trophy processing and administrative needs.

Welcome to the Bubye Valley Conservancy
Member of the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association since 1992
"Ethics are everything"
ZPHGA Member since 1992

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